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Congratulations! Forming a team and participating in the Parkinson Association of the Rockies Vitality 5K is a great way to give back. Regardless of the size of your team, you should feel good knowing that your group is making a difference to help those in Colorado and Wyoming with Parkinson's as well as the families and loved ones who support them. 


Get started today and invite others to join your team!

Step 1: Register and Create your team

- Click on the REGISTER NOWButton (On this page or the main event page)
- We are using a new platform this year, so you will need to create a new username and password

- Select your participant type (Walker or Runner)
- Select Create a Team and choose whether your team is a Family or Corporate Team
- Fill in the information and click Create a Team 
  • Team Name 
  • Team Fundraising Goal

- The next page will ask you what your personal fundraising goal is with a suggested amount of $75.00. You can choose a different amount. A $75.00 donation will get you a t-shirt. 

- After registering your Team you will be taken to your team page where you can customize it by including a Team Photo and a Blurb about your team and why you are raising money for Vitality. 

-On this page, you will also have a Team Link (you will find this by clicking Settings on your team page) 

- Send this link to your List, Family, Friends, and Network for them to register under your Team Name. 
- Your network of friends will open your link and they will be prompted to create a login and register under your team name

- They will be assigned their own personal link which they will send to their network of friends asking for donations. When their friends receive the link there will be a SUPPORT ME button that they will click to donate to their page. 

Things to Keep In Mind:

1) After you have created a login for Vitality you will always use your username and password to access your team and personal page. Visit 
Click on the person icon in the top RIGHT corner of the page next to the magnifying glass and put in your username and password. 

Once you log in you will see your  toolbar ICONS which includes your team page, personal page, dashboard, donations, messages, and resources

2) When you register your team, it will track all of the donations and participants' fundraising efforts allowing you as "Team Captain" to see how your team is doing. 
3) To get a T-Shirt, $75 will need to be donated or raised or a combination of both. 
4) Use the toolbar on the top of your team and personal fundraising page - it will help you navigate between your personal and team fundraising page, view your dashboard, and keep track of your donations. Click on the resources tab to view resources provided by PAR that include an "About Us" page, the different programs we offer, the PAR logo, and the Vitality Logo. Please use these to help with asking people for donations and fundraising. 
** It is recommended to copy your team or individual link and email it to your network/list from your personal email address, not the messages icon provided. Your network will recognize your email address and will respond to you, not to the platform-provided address.

If you have any questions or need help registering your team please contact me. or 303-830-1839