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This year the Vitality 5K will be focused on fundraising efforts by participants and donors. We want you to succeed and provide you the tools to reach your fundraising goals. Below are the steps to get started!

1) Register for the Vitality 5K either as an individual or on a team

2) Customize your personal fundraising page.

- You can do this by uploading a picture of yourself

-Including a story or an explanation of why you are passionate about Parkinson Association of the Rockies and why you are raising money

- Set a Goal!

3) Make a list of everyone you know - Copy and paste your personal fundraising link into an email to all of your friends, family, and co-workers. This way they will see the email is from you and the email won't get lost in their spam.

4) Encourage everyone to join you in raising money for Parkinson Association of the Rockies by donating to your page or create a team!

**Use the resources provided to help you share awareness of Parkinson's Disease and PAR with others to help promote your fundraising goals.